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My son (random writen words)

Hey son
Hows life inside my womb?
I was once inside a womb
Your nans
I don’t really remember what it
Was like up in there
Strange really
It must be like your squashed
Inside see through chicken skin.
Well we have 7 days left to go
Until I see you and you see me.
I have held you inside my womb
For the past 9 months.
Going through the stages of sleeping to not sleeping
To having paranoid thoughts

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Miss Hill

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes
I remember this time last year
I had people around me..
But come to think of it
Was it more me around them
We Usto chill out
And reason up
Talk about how the conscious
Mind works with the seasonings
My time was split through days
From morning dawn till the Midnight crawls.
Late night resting with him
Morning breakfast with mum
Afternoon let’s chill with fam.

I had…

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candyfloss kisses

Originally posted on KOLENTE DESIGNS:

You remind me of that exciting taste I get in my mouth

When I eat candyfloss

The taste is soo sweet

And the texture nothing can compete

No effort to bite or chew

It just simply
melts in
my mouth

Giving me all the joys
and pleasure

The sugar high I get
makes me feel soooo good

All I can do is laugh
humbled like a child
I bet my blood soldiers dance…

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Watch Our Mouthy Poet Slam LIVE TONIGHT!


Woop soo excited! Watch an amazing poet Anita my true friend at roundhouse live tonight. Such an inspirational young woman!

Originally posted on The MOUTHY Poets blog:

Anita’s debut performance at The Roundhouse in May this year. @Saiphotography



Tune in online at – to…

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I ask myself
How did you get here
In this place of
Empty weird confusion
Of thought
I understand
That sometimes
We live life on the edge
Especially when a rough time
Has just bided down
But how did you find this
Where you no longer belong
In the crowd
That’s written with your name on it
“ah one day, you will find that special one”
But I’m not searching though..
Should I be searching

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Miss Hill


Miss Hill

My conscious and thoughts of today x

I stand alone in a one man army,
I fight battles
I have strong beliefs…sometimes
I feel attacked,
sometimes I feel isolated. Sometimes I feel in adequate. Questioned pressured.
More time i am
on my own alone
silenced fighting
wars that are in my head
and wars that people tell me then ask me for advice…..
I fight n sometimes
I can be loud
I can be rude….
I remember I had miles high in my legs..

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